Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Retirement day of Mr Tae.

He is like a father or more a like a friend to us. The day he said goodbye was the day more tears roll down on our cheeks. This kind and friendly man is our lecturer, Mr. Tae Peng Hoi. On 2nd of March, a weary Wednesday, students and lecturers gathered at the TELTtrac lecture hall waiting for the lovely man to arrive. It began with speeches from students’ representatives, Head of Department and Mr. Tae. It was then followed by a surprise made by the students and performances. That was the first time we saw him shedding tears. No doubt, we could not control ourselves either.
There was an awkward silence accompanied by sorrow in the hall. Yet, the event moved on to video-clip presentation by the students which bore a number of ballad and sentimental tracks to add life with it. True enough those melodies tunes made us feel a tinge of loss knowing this would be the last event we would have with his presence. At 4 o’clock sharp, Mr Tae punched his card and greeted farewell to all his colleagues and students. When he turned his back facing us, memories of him with us flashed back. Those meaningful memories we shared. With this honoured-most man will be cherished forever.


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